DB9 needle serial port line COM line DB9 male-to-female extension line RS232 direct connection cross line 1.5 meters 3 meters 5 meters 10

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Core specification: 30 gauge wire, 5 pieces*0.10
Product outer cover: PVC outer cover (Beige)
Core: 9 cores + earth wire
Product packaging: transparent heat-sealed bag
Length specifications: 1.5M//3M/5M/10M, special specifications to be customized.
Directly connected serial line contact: 1-1.2-2.3-3.4-4.5-5.6-6.7-7.8-8.9-9
2.3 Cross-connections: 1-1.2-3.3-2.4-4.5-5.6-6.7-7.8-8.9-9
Full cross-joint: 1-1.2-3.3-2.4-6.5-5.6-4.7-8.8-7.9-9
1.5 metres (actual metres are somewhat less. Approx. 1.35m) - approx. 0.09kg/strip
3 metres (actual metres are a little short. Approx. 2.7m) ----- approx. 0.13kg/strip
5m (actual metres are a little short. Approx. 4.5 m approx.) ----- approx. 0.2 kg/strip

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