USB 3.0 micro mobile hard disk data cable mobile computer data signal transmission cable 1.8 meters

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Product Specifications: USB 3.0 cable 347 (each length)
OD5.5 Black
Name: USB 3.0 AM to MIC data cable High speed transmission data cable
Length: 0.3M 0.5M 0.8M 1M 1.2M 1.5M 1.8M 2M 2.5M 3M
Colour: Black
Packaging: Tie wire or bare wire
Core specification: 24#28#
Core material: tinned copper
Wire material: PVC
Transfer speed: up to 180MB/S or more with USB3.0AF interface (directly connected to computers and devices), only up to 48MB/S or less with 2.0 and below interface.
Suitable for: USB3.0, USB2.0 and below interfaces with 3.0 MIC female interface type connectors, such as mobile hard drives, HUBs, etc.

Special Note: Due to the USB3.0 process and transmission attenuation, the length of the cable more than 2 meters, the adapter cable / extension cable requirements are higher, even the adapter cable / extension cable if the phenomenon of failure to achieve USB3.0 speed, please connect directly to the computer USB3.0 interface verification.

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