Hdmi Matrix KVM switching splitter 4 in 2 out dual independent audio computer host notebook 4 in 2 out

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The HDMI 4X2 KVM matrix connects four HD display signal sources to two HD signals simultaneously,

It also supports optical fiber and stereo headphone output. Two sets of mouse and keyboard can control any device on four PC ports;

It can easily switch between four HD signals and two HD compatible monitors or projectors

Distribution, and any output port can be through optical fiber or stereo headphones to achieve independent audio output.

The HDMI 4X2 KVM matrix restructures and amplifies the input signal and transmits it lossless through the HDMI cable. This HDMI matrix

The solutions are used in entertainment centers, retail and websites for digital high-definition television, high-definition television,

Set-top box, DVD, projection machine factory, data center control, information distribution, conference room, school and enterprise training environment.


* Support the highest resolution up to 3840*2160/60Hz;

* Support 3D video format;

* Support 3 switching modes: infrared remote control, key, keyboard hot key;

* Support 4K (input) to 2K (output) (Down scaler);

* Support 2-channel HDMI audio extraction, 3.5mm headphone interface and optical fiber interface output;

* Four-channel HDMI signal input is switched or allocated to two HDMI displays;

* Support LPCM/Dolby/DTS 5.1 channel extraction;

Parcel attachment:

1. HDMI Matrix 4x2 one

2. A remote control

3. One power adapter

4. USB 2.0A male head to B male head four cables

5. A user manual

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