Hdmi high-definition line 1080P supports 3D gold-plated TV set-top box computer monitor HDMI data cable

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Product Name: HDMI High Definition Cable
Product features: 14+1 cores/version 1.4
Core Conductor: Copper Clad Steel/CCS
About the shield: with aluminum foil shield
About the outer cover: black PVC outer cover
About the connector: gold-plated connector
Product features: support 1920*1080P/support 3D
OD wire diameter: 7.OMM
Conductor structure: within 5m: 32 wire core / 5-10m: 30 wire core 10-15m: 28 wire core / 15-20m: 26 wire core
Package: PE heat sealable bag
Length: 1.5-20M
Product weight: 1.5M 106.8g 3M 177.5g
5M 250.5g 10M 578.8g 20M 1.15 kg

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